Kolosov, Vladimir A, Author(s): O’Loughlin, John; Kolossov, Vladimir; Toal, Gerard Source: Eurasian Geography Title: An empire’s fraying edge? The North. “Donbas and Crimea have turned out to be on the edge of the clash of . The Russian (Tsarist) empire and the Soviet Union as its successor have never . Transnistria, and Nagorny-Karabakh (O’Loughlin, Kolosov, and Toal. S A; Grotzinger, J P; Isachsen, C E; Knoll, A H; Pelechaty, S M; Kolosov, P As a result, Markuelia is assigned to the scalidophoran total group to reflect Axis, which forms a dominating structural element on the southeastern edge of the . and industrial revolution during the Ottoman Empire and the lack of formation.

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A dozen of scholars in Russia and France prepared their PhD thesis and passed their habilitation under his tutorship. He is the author of about publications, including works abroad and 6 individual monographs; he was the main author and editor of 11 books.


Among his main works are: Problems and Erge Leningrad,The Spring Representations and Reality Moscow, ; an Italian version: Vladimir Kolosov acquired extensive experience of international scientific cooperation, teaching and research at foreign universities and laboratories.

Since Vladimir Kolosov is involved in the activities of the International Geographical Union — first as a member and in — as Chair of the Commission on Political Geography. He initiated, chaired or was a member of Organizing Committees of a great number of Emire workshops and conferences held in Russia, Ukraine, Italy and other countries.

Vladimir Kolosov J –

La jeunesse russe et le monde. Cambridge Scholars Publishers,pp. Circulation – Security Dilemma and Border Regions: Remeasuring and rethinking social cleavages in Russia: Russian regional capitals as new international actors: The Geopolitical Orientations of Ordinary Russians: How Moscow is becoming a capitalist mega-city. International Social Science Journal, September, pp. A Risky Westward Turn? A Companion to Political Geography.

Still not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier: Russian geopolitics at the fin-de-siecle. The Changing Geopolitics of Eastern Europe.


Kolosov Vladimir | Институт географии РАН

Frank Cass,p. The Dynamics of De Stabilisation. Longo Editore,p.