There’s lots of people on the internets with jaycar speedo corrector but approx v coming out at the speed sensor side of the corrector. Just got my car back after having some electrical issues fixed but while they were at it had a jaycar kit installed as the car has a diff in it. Hi I have got a hold of this speedometer corrector kit. search?text=AA&CSRFToken=9ed7bed

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Hi I have got a hold of this speedometer corrector kit.

Some of the soldering is a little tight but by no means too hard for DIY. My memory and knowledge of xX9xx isn’t the best to be honest, but I also recall something jatcar them having a setup where the dash got the speed signal from the ABS unit, or something a little different?

And everything in between! By two wire sensor I am referring to a reluctor style that outputs an alternating wave form But if you wish to increase the speed shown on the speedo, set Switch 2 to its F position and wait for a 2 flash acknowledgement from the LED.

Speedo Corrector MkII Kit

I didn’t realise there was a different Jaycar speedo adjuster now Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries.

Have you checked the input signal to the speedo corrector itself? Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions: This can be provided by a handheld GPS, another car with a known accurate speedo — speeo even, if you ask nicely, a police car. When you sperdo your gearbox, diff ratio or change to a large circumference tyre, it may result in an inaccurate speedometer.


Could it make a comeback? I’m a bit surprised the dash works with a 2 wire sensor to be honest! The speed reading can be altered in 1 per cent increments. If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout. Below are some pics of how I fitted one to my LN Hilux. That seems low and a bit daft really seeing as I’m pretty sure the 3 wire speed sensor puts out battery voltage!

Have you tried driving a little with it? Results 1 to 18 of Jaycwr Thread to del. The trusty Haynes manual had a wiring diagram for the instrument cluster. You’ve followed the operating instructions for the Jaycar unit?

Tracking-back what was allegedly the input, it wasn’t connecting as per the circuit diagram. Originally Posted by Box Well over a year later I finally decided to have a play correctir the speedo corrector again.

One of the best electronic car modification tricks you ever saw DIY Tech Features – 15 October, Pots aren’t just variable resistors. More of our most corretor articles. If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout.

Jaycar speedo corrector not working

We do not automatically insure unless you specify it during the checkout. I hope you haven’t damage the Jaycar unit If no flash measure the voltage across the LED when you change settings to make sure the micro controller is turning it on.

I won’t try to explain how to set it up as the instructions do that and it’s too hard to describe but all it involves is turning a rotary switch and moving a jumper around until the speedo moves. Did you find in the instructions about changing which setting of the switches causes the led to flash confirmation?


It’s been approximately 17 years since I did anything to do with electronics One good thing about the cooler weather is no lawn mowing on the weekend; so should be able to check it out again tomorrow. This may sound stupid but bare with me.

OK, haven’t had the chance to test it yet, but I think I’ve sussed the problem! Click on pics to view larger images. Speedo corrector install for Electronic speedos Discuss technical aspects of your 4WD with other owners, and share your opinions. Good to know you got it sorted dood. So now I really am speero these new kits work on variable voltage and not pulses.

What one do you use Bobby? Just in case its a dud one.

AutoSpeed – Speedo Corrector

The Speedl Corrector is of medium level difficulty. The default output slows the reading of the speedo. Anyone managed to get a 12v input working? Can you post the schematic? When you modify your gearbox, diff ratio or change to a large circumference tyre, it will often result in an inaccurate speedometer.

The time now is The LED has a flat side which corresponds to the board overlay. Results 1 to 7 of 7. You can have the speed sensor removed and have correcttor turn it over slowly by hand as you measure the signal output voltage with a multimeter Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.