Panels – menu items / functions for interacting with HyperMesh. • Sub-panels – divides panel Generally refers to file types other than a HyperMesh binary file. HyperWorks OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples Learn more at The file is necessary for OptiStruct to recognize it as an input file. 3. All files referenced in the HyperMesh tutorials are located in the HyperWorks installation directory under /tutorials/hm/. If the location of your HyperWorks.

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Click translate — once. Extend a line to a surface edge. Select one surface from the graphics area. Save the model, if desired. Access the hyperworkz panel by doing one of the following: The new Opel Ampera-e offers the customer a great car with the optimum balance regarding performance, package, mass and cost.

OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples | Gonzalo Anzaldo Muñoz –

This video gives a short introduction to the project. The elements will be created on the mid-plane of the part. Select the components, mid1, mid2, and end.

On the status bar, located at the bottom of the screen, click geometry. Hyperwrks the graphics area, select the overhanging surface shown in the previous figure. Accelerate your Design Process with Flux – Dealing with Complex 3D Fipetype Models Flux is now fully part of HyperWorks and thanks to our flexible HyperWorks Units, users are now able to access even more tools that will help you to save time in your designs and enable powerful simulations. Click the Previous Page icon until the name of the page is displayed as Design History, indicating that the results correspond to optimization iterations.

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Click the run options: Notice that the selector moves down to the fillets entity selector. For the anchorchoose the node ID Along with the paradigm shift in the use of models, the power of the multidisciplinary use of models will be approached such as for Design Space Exploration, Verification-Validation for cyber-Physical offer or maintenance purposes.

Change the color of components using the Model browser. From the Help menu, select Updates.

Print…ition – optistruct-03-symmetry and draw direction applied topopt

Click the reset icon for the direction selector. Filerype N1 to make the selector active. When the mouse button is released, HyperMesh zooms in on the portion of the model where the line was drawn.

The non-manifold edges show where there are more than two surfaces sharing an edge, which might indicate incorrect connectivity. On the standard toolbar, click Isometric View,?

HyperMesh 教程 Tutorials_图文_百度文库

The symmetry constraints in topology optimization lead to symmetric designs for solid models, regardless of the initial mesh, boundary conditions or loads. The circle has one quarter split off from the rest.


Select fixed point and line to split the surface. Altair SimSolid Brochure Altair SimSolid is a structural analysis software developed specifically for rapidly evolving design processes. Filetye Brochure Learn More.

The part is now meshed and ready to be set up for an analysis. Remain in the Circles: This file contains mesh and geometry data. From the Tool page, enter the organize panel. Again, notice that the elements for these components are now tutorjals as active were made active so that the elements could be displayed.

Answer Yes to the pop-up question “Do you wish to delete the current model? Symmetry and Draw Direction Constraints Applied Simultaneously in a Topology Optimization – OS The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to perform a topology optimization on an automotive control arm with the simultaneous application of symmetry and draw direction constraints.

All element handles inside this window are selected. The model is fitted to the graphics area. For 2nd line, pick the extended line from step The auto create option simplifies the selection of the lines bounding the missing surface.