HM HIRAYAMA. HICLAVE. HVseries. Four new autoclaves equipped with many functions! More safety and more user-friendly features. HV HV HV Hirayama HV top load Sterilizer. Economical Autoclave with Improved Basic Performance with Built-in Cooling Fan.Ò />. Hirayama top-loading autoclaves are labeled and distributed for research use only. They are fully Hirayama HV Automatic High Pressure Autoclave.

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HV and HV Specifications | HV-Series | Without Drying | Hirayama Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Safe and reliable autoclaving at a push of a button and the most advanced autoclaves with unique features. High Pressure Compact Reactor System.

Series HP Compact Reactors. General Purpose Reactor Systems. High Pressure Reactor System.

Series High Pressure. Series General Purpose Vessels. Enclosed floor standing tissue processor.


Series Floor Standing. General Purpose Pressure Vessels.

AutoclavesVertical chamber, floor standing Tags: Description Safe and reliable autoclaving at a push of a button and the most advanced autoclaves with unique features. Vertical chamber autoclave available in various sizes: Hirayzma interlock mechanism Safety system locks the lid by detecting the inner pressure and the temperature of the chamber.

This dual-sensing system assures greater safety. Double-sensing system for air evacuation Residual air which affects sterilization in chamber is detected with the dual sensor method. Programmable auto start Built-in timer allows you to program a timer to automatically start a cycle.

Hirayama HV-Series

Process status display The current status of the sterilization process is indicated by means of a set of flashing lights. Process mode for agar For rapidly melting and maintaining it at hiratama temperature or for a hot and faster start-up. Auto-exhaust mechanism An auto steam-exhaust mechanism is newly adopted for sterilization of liquids without boil over.


Steam is slowly released at pre-set percentage rate after sterilization is hirayyama. Once changed, they are retained, even in the case of power failure. Enclosed floor standing tissue processor Excelsior AS.