Kllokot Partesh Ranillug Graçanicë Hani i Elezit Mamushë Junik Zveqan Zubin Potok Vushtria Suhareka Skenderaj Shtime Shterpca Rahovec Prizreni Prishtina . A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Mapping Application by rklaiqi. Created: May 23, Updated: May Read online HARTA E RRUGEVE TE PRISHTINES pdf or download for read offline if you looking for where to download harta e rrugeve te prishtines or read.

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This festival works on enriching the Prkshtines cultural scene with the collision of the traditional and the contemporary. The city’s urban area hasinhabitants. Streetball is a traditionally organised sport and cultural event at the Germia Park since Pristina, like the rest of Kosovo slid into a deepening economic and social prishtined. Archived from the original on 2 April The National Library of Kosovo has than 1.

Pristina was an important town in Medieval Serbia. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat This brings a many of young students from other cities and countries to Pristina.

File:Harta e unazes ne prishtine – panoramio.jpg

Apartments were occupied illegally and the Roma quarters behind the city park prishitnes torched. Economic life was controlled by the guild system esnafs with the tanners’ and bakers’ guild controlling prices, limiting unfair competition and acting as banks for their members.

prisytines The small minority of Pristina’s religious population, practices Christianity in the form of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Links to related articles. The area what is now Pristina has been inhabited for nearly 10, years. Knjiga o Kosovu in Serbian. From that time until Kosovo was governed by the Ottoman Empire resulting in high level of Islamization.


Pristina – Wikipedia

Hartq were more than 40, Serbs and about 6, Roma with the remainder being Kosovo Albanians. When the Ottomans conquered the Balkan peninsula, Pristina was an important mining and trading center due to its strategic position near the rich mining town of Novo Brdo.

Pristina is the primary tourist destination in Kosovo as well as the main air gateway to the country. Geographically, it is located in the north-eastern part of Kosovo close to the Goljak mountains. The National Theater of Kosovo is the highest ranked theater institution in hwrta country which has the largest number of productions. Retrieved from ” https: Pristina is one of the urban areas with the most severe water harga in the nation.

The communist decision to make Pristina the capital of Kosovo in ushered a period of rapid development and outright destruction.

Retrieved 25 February All of those books are in service for the library’s registered readers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

After the war ofthe city has changed dramatically. Capitals of European states and territories. During pridhtines train ride many people had their identification papers taken from them. Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in the 20th Century. Demolish ‘bad religion’ Serbian Orthodox Temple”. For their prisytines importance, however, a number of military targets were hit in Pristina during NATO’s aerial campaign, including the post office, police headquarters and army barracks today’s Adem Jashari garrison on the road to Kosovo Polje.


The travel writer Evliya Celebivisiting Pristina in the s was impressed with its fine gardens and vineyards. Pristina is the largest communications center of media in Kosovo.

Water and Waste Regulatory Office. Municipalities of Kosovo 1. Retrieved February 25, Kosovo is recognized as an independent state by out of United Nations member states.

Η δωρεάν φιλοξενία έφτασε στο τέλος της

BrailsfordPaul Milioukov, Samuel T. Albanian music is considered to be very rich in genres and their development.

Retrieved 22 February The first historical record mentioning Pristina by its name dates back to when the Byzantine Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos described Pristina as a ‘village’. Pristina was home to several Illyrian and Roman people at the classical times. There are seven Municipal Leagues in Pristina.

The largest hotels of prishtimes city are the Swiss Diamond and the Grand Hotel Prishtina situated in the heart of the city.