The GSI 61 is the versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiologic industry — Grason-Stadler. With its state-of-the -art. GSI 61™. CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. Product. Specifications. General Specifications. • ”(W) x ”(D) x ”(H) (LCD raised). • Height with LCD. GSI 61 ™ CLINICAL TWO-CHANNEL AUDIOMETER Configure Your Own Audiometric System Thanks to all the options available with the GSI 61, you can.

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Two communication protocols are available with the GSI The operator presses the Correct or Incorrect pushbutton after each presentation, depending on the response. Listen for low frequency hum 60 or Hz and any other noise hiss or low rushing sound at all attenuator levels through the earphone.

Gsi 61 audiometer service manual pdf – Google Docs

Excessive noise in the test environment, such as that produced by conversation, typewriters, printers, or other machines reduces test validity because it tends to mask the test signals, particularly at the lower frequencies where earphone cushions provide less effective attenuation. This will erase all patient data from the internal memory except in version 2.

The interface logic internal to the LCD is fast enough to be connected directly to the data bus. Warranty We, Grason-Stadler, warrant that this product is free servicce defects in material and workmanship and, when properly installed and used, will perform in accordance with applicable specifications.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

With the Channel 1 attenuator set to an intensity of 0 dB HL, gradually increase the intensity of the noise level.

Injury to personnel or damage to equipment can result when a three-prong or two-prong adaptor is connected between the GSI 61 power plug and an AC outlet or extension cord. Set the intensity of the tone for each channel to 20 dB above the threshold of each corresponding ear. Instruct the patient to indicate when the maanual frequencies appear to be equal in loudness. This person or group of persons should have a known stable audiometric curve that does not exceed 25 dB HL at any frequency.


Periodic Checks Amnual routine maintenance checks described below may point to the source of some instrument problems. A custom report designer satisfies the unique reporting needs of every facility. Present twenty 1 dB increments with the patient responding each time an increment is detected. Those filters ensure that RF signals will not enter the transducer cables that otherwise works as very good antennas.

When using an external source, calibrate to the Hz pretest tone. The display remains in the Display Status or Display Audiogram format as previously selected. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The switch bsi are as follows: The patient is placed before the talk back microphone and asked to read the text. For live voice testing and communications External A and External B: It is a direct replacement for our GSI Follow the procedure described above Pure Tone Stenger using Speech stimuli.

Note that the selection of Ext A, or Ext B, on one channel and Tone on the opposite channel is a valid combination. Indicates an uninstalled option has been selected.

See the section titled Special Capabilities. Select Speech Noise as the input signal on Channel 1. While Talk Forward is on, the only control which can be activated is the Print, if available.

Recognize that soft-walled ear canals may collapse under the earphones and this may lead to incorrect threshold levels. The cone of the speaker should be at manuzl same height as the ear of the average patient seated in the manuwl listening position.

GSi 61 User Manual

Prevention from external interrupts to cause errors after completed automatic test. The computer controls all relays via the transistor array IC 7. However, under extreme conditions the GSI 61 will enter a lockout mode which will not permit front panel operations.

When entering the calibration mode all 11 frequencies will be set to on and the not wanted frequencies has to be deactivated manually. When the Data Erase pushbutton is pressed for at least 0.

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Masking noise may be routed to the contralateral ear through Channel 2. Turn on the GSI 61 and allow it to warm up for 10 minutes.

Simply select the desired COM port and accept the default parameters for baud rate, parity, etc. The application will need to select that COM port. If periodic checks are also desired, the tables in this section provide the SPL values per frequency for each transducer. Set the Audiometdr to a comfortably audible level. When the LCD is in the lowered position, easy access to the rear connector panel is provided. Note that the selection of Tone on one channel and Mic on the opposite channel is a valid combination.

These values apply for hearing threshold measurements to 0 dB HL. For consistency, do this when the audiometer is first installed, and on a regular basis thereafter. A dip switch S1 is provided on the serial interface board to configure the interface for baud rate, parity and number of data bits, number of stop bits and data flow control; this switch is inside the GSI 61 and is not accessible by bsi user.

To remove Main PCB: The testing of all the hardware involved and the final test is the Remote Board for transferring data to your computer More HP DeskJet printers approved. If White Noise is selected on one channel only, calibration will be made to the stimulus type on the opposite channel.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

Modifications to the SISI test 1. The serice ear is on the right side of the display. With its state-of-the-art, two-channel design, the GSI 61 allows for fast, accurate pure tone and speech testing, using phones TDH, insert and high frequencybone vibrator and sound field speakers for output.

This test is self-paced and typically takes minutes to complete and requires limited supervision.