Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Norma Khouri, author of the best-selling book,. Forbidden Love, was revealed as a literary hoax. Now, as a new documentary about. Norma premieres in.

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However, I can’t recommend it because, though there are some truths about honor killings in it, overall the story is fake.

The religion which states that a murder of forbidfen human being is the murder of whole humanity. Norma presents an ugly side of the culture of Jordan, and does not look favorably on Islam. Instead, they arrested her mother-in-law, Zoi Toliopoulos, for “theft by deception in that she assisted her daughter-in-law [Khouri] in deceiving an year-old victim by having victim sign over her money”.

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Jul 19, Sarah rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. It’s sad how this book preys on the Western World’s already existent misconceptions about the Arab World.

The problem to which the book calls attention is a very real one: So, for a fiction, it was a very good story. He said he wanted to marry her. Now, following the Herald’s investigation of her literary hoax, the police have reopened a metre-thick file on the author – known in the US as Norma Toliopoulos or Norma Bagain – with the aim of charging her with a decade’s worth of crime. According to notes taken by a police investigator, she was disoriented but told police that she “suspected that Norma Toliopoulos was somehow involved” in the crimes.


This was fresh and it generated cogent dialogue with people for weeks to come.

Honor Lost: Love And Death In Modern Day Jordan

Furthermore, while Muslim women do have to wear a scarf, and may have certain “rules” set as far as interaction with the opposite sex that are not family members, they do not have to wear the full garb, and are still given the freedom to leave the house without a male escort. She also did not research the practice sufficiently, and caused damage to the awareness work of honour killings that was being undertaken by many women in Jordan.

She says she went to an English school in Jordan that doesn’t exist. View all 6 comments. What a pity she did not use this forbdiden from the beginning, then whether what is described comes from actual personal experience or from something she was alerted to from a newspaper article ceases to matter and the story could have taken it’s place perhaps without creating a political storm in Jordan and potentially jeopardising the long slow patient work that goes on there to transform that society from within.

carolineoverington | Norma Khouri – Literary Fake

She says that she and Dalia opened a salon for men and women, which would be illegal in Jordan. The most charitable interpretation of this fraud is that Bagain heard about the practice of honour killing, and chose to write a novel which she felt exposed the crime, wrapping it up as memoir to improve its chance of being published and open a dialogue.

I felt so much empathy for Norma, thinking about my own close friendships and how I would react to what happens. I will leave my 4 stars as that’s how I felt about it at the time, kove, based on this new information I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


And honour killings were never happened at least by the time she wrote the book. I didn’t care to question the authenticity of the characters then, and I’m unsure llve I care to now.

None the less, Forbidden Love opened my eyes to how women are treated rorbidden Muslim countries and was a inspiring and dramatic story. I gave this book a pass while reading it because it was based on a true story and I kept telling myself that the characters are bland because it’s too difficult for the author to re-live that period of time in her life. A year after publication, it was discovered that Khouri had fabricated the tale and that the story was fictional.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’ | World news | The Guardian

Albeit there is so much controversy surrounding this book, I appreciate how important, clear, and well written this novel is. Nobody is served well by deception Norma Khouri – Absolute Write www. This is the story of an Honor Killing of an innocent woman.

I did arrive to this conclusion during my first experience with it, as I was in 10th grade, and simply too enthralled with how unique this book was amongst the bland, and frankly white-washed titles we had in school. It is this reader’s hope that Norma has found some peace and fobridden from the nightmares that consumed her nights in the days that followed Dalia’s tragic fate.

It’s powerful and exposes something clandestine about was bt arguably a cultural custom in many nations; it certainly is not unique to this region of the world, although it has the highest numbers, and it needs to be discussed.

She explained it as the result of studying at the American school in the Jordanian capital, Amman, where teaching is in English.