spacer (ITS), nuclear ribosomal DNA, Phoradendron, phylogeny, Viscaceae, 26S . nuevas de la familia Loranthaceae del centro de Mexico. Cact. Sue. Mex. Buy Flora del Bajío y de Regiones Adyacentes, Volume Familia Viscaceae: NHBS – Jerzy Rzedowski and Graciela Calderon de Rzedowski, Instituto de. Plantclef – specimens – Taxonomy – Viscaceae Batsch. Plantclef /; cay /; specimens /; Taxonomy /; Viscaceae Batsch. specimens · image-url · localisation .

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Santalaceae – Wikispecies

Diet of the gracile mouse opossum Gracilinanus microtarsus Didelphimorphia: Nutritional and fibre content of laboratory-established diets of Neotropical opossums Didelphidae. The biology of carnivorous marsupials. About this book Customer reviews Related titles. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology Other titles from Instituto de Ecologia. Comparative gross morphology of the digestive tract in ten Didelphidae marsupial species.

Host specificity and seed dispersal of Psittacanthus robustus Loranthaceae in south-east Brazil.

Viscaceae Batsch [Familia] – Taxonomy

Food habits and seed dispersal by the white-eared opossum Didelphis albiventris in Southern Brazil. Rodents as seed consumers and dispersers. Seed dispersal of the palm Attalea oleifera in a remmant of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.


Para tal, realizamos um Teste- t por reamostragem com The natural history of the Central American agouti Dasyprocta punctata. Apesar de termos encontrado uma quantidade representativa de sementes de Solanaceae sp. Nuevo registro de Phloeocleptus caudatus Wood coleoptera: The effect of birds on seed germination of fleshy-fruited plants in temperate farmland. Os valores observados foram os totais de sementes de cada um desses dois grupos encontrados nas fezes.


Although the first taxonomic analysis of the family was published in Die naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien by Adolf Engler a, b and cmany divisions within the order have been added, where for a long time the Viscaceae had been included NICKRENT et al.

Go to Conservation Land Management. New York, Columbia University Press. Post-dispersal predation and scatter-hoarding of Dipteryx panamensis Papilionaceae seeds by rodents in Panama. The Prairie in Seed. Frugivoria e especificidade por hospedeiros na erva-de-passarinho Phoradendron rubrum L. Pollination fa,ilia in a Caatinga plant viscacewe in northeastern Brazil: As sementes de Miconia spp.

Both females and males increased their fruit consumption in the dry season, but in the rainy season females had more seeds than males in their faeces. Comparative lengths of digestive tracts of seven didelphid marsupials Mammalia viscacdae relation to diet.


Bestsellers in Botany of North America. The term ‘mistletoe’ famioia generally applied to plants with a similar hemiparasitic lifestyle and a certain degree of taxonomical relationship in three families: New Zealand Journal of Zoology Ethanol extracts from mistletoe Viscum album L. Coevolution of mistletoes and frugivorous birds. Didelphimorphia in areas of Cerrado in central Brazil.

Click to have a closer look. In the present study, we investigated patterns of fruit faimlia and viability of seeds consumed by the marsupial Gracilinanus agilis Burmeister, in four cerrado sites in central Brazil.

Pollen profile of propolis produced on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert in Central Sonora, Mexico. The effect of digestibility values of resources on the reliability of food-habit studies from fecal analyses. Scolytinae en el estado de Hidalgo, Mexico.