Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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It was also noted that wherever his men were sore bestead, on sea or on land, they would call on his name, and they would get help from so doing. At the same time they also defined Germanic myth as essentially Indo-European in character. But these terms, even these precisions, are suspect: The first of these is the school of “solar mythology”— also called “nature mythology”— which saw reflected in the lokk of the Germanic peoples the myths of their Indo- European ancestors.

See Jan de Vrics, “La valeur religieuse du mot germanique irmin,” Cahiers du sud 36 In the German edition of Loki also published in he linked Balder to Odin’s aspect of sovereignty.

The War between the jEsir and the Vanir. To put it another way, while Levi- Strauss sees, perhaps correctly, a universal tendency to mediate be- tween oppositions, a tendency that in one form or another will mani- fest itself in all human thought, Dumezil suggests that the tripartite ideology emerged among the speakers of Proto-Indo-European and was developed separately by the heirs to this community as they migrated to their several attested geographical locations, from India to Ireland.

While Ward admits that the evidence dumrzil the second function sacri- fice is meager, his suggestion of the overall pattern is nonetheless valuable. Othin was a great warrior and fared widely, conquering many coun- tries.

No more than that of Jupitcr-Mars-Quirinus docs the grouping of the three Scandinavian gods justify an explanation through chance or compromise in the prehistory of the great penin- sula or in northern Germany. It should be emphasized of course, that more research needs to be done here. Gytjaginning, liragarceOur, Skaldskaparmdl, Hdttatal.

Introduction lokk remnants of the Indo-Iranian caste system.


The rule prevailed there that twelve tem- ple priests were highest in rank. Sameer marked it as to-read Olki 24, Paul-Louis Couchoud was issued as the first volume of this excellent series Mythes et Religionswas composed at the very beginning of my active period in comparative research.

And if diis kind of comparative observation is applied to a complex tradi- tion, that is, one articulating a fairly large number of ideological elements, and which is furthermore truly singular, seldom found throughout the world, it becomes less likely that the Scandinavian- Indic concordance should be fortuitous and not to be explained by common prehistoric heritage.

Georges Dumézil

In a recent article 13 I suggested that the same theme may be found in the Iliad, the Achaeans representing the first two functions and the Trojans the third, although the case here is by no means as clear as that presented by dhmezil Roman and Norse traditions just described.

He took possession of lands far and wide in Saxland and set his sons to defend these lands. At that time the generals of the Romans moved about far and wide, subjugating all peoples, and many chieftains fled from their possessions because of these hostilities.

Du tnythc au roman Paris, A Symposium Bloomington,pp. Further, it has been noted that while the name of the Msir is to be found else- where, that of the Vanir is found nowhere outside of Scandinavia, and finally that the oldest archaeological material in Scandinavia seems to show that the god of the hammer and the ithyphallic god preceded the Indo-European invasion.

I wish to thank them here for their assistance, especially John Lin- doWj who has had the greatest share in the work. In the saga that bears his liki, Egill Skallagrfmsson, on the verge of leaving Norway for Iceland, curses the king who has stripped him of his goods and consigned him to this exile. Those who, despite this a priori improbability, wish to utilize the chapters from the Yngtingasaga to found a historical interpreta- tion of the dumezi, between the jEsir and the Vanir, fall-have fallen- now into contradiction, now into arbitrariness.

He compared the Etruscan language with the Caucasian languages. Certain rumezil, such as H. Donald Ward has shown, however, that this very myth was preserved in later Germanic heroic and folk tradition. These docu- ments are not homogeneous: It is an anthropological implication for which I must take sole responsibility.


These two titles remain the onlv works of Dumc-zil on Germanic myth dumeail have dujezil translated into German. The only extant documents were scanty and desultory and revealed a fragmentation of worship not only between the major groups of Scandinavians and Continental Germans— with practically no evidence of the activities of the latter group-but also a fragmentation within these groups.

The American-Scandinavian Foun- dation. The Rigsfrxtla article is the only one dealing dumezkl tripartition. It was not under just any circumstance, nor without design, that this man-drink was created. In the words of Einar Hau- gen, DumOil’s writings “have restored to Scandinavian and to other Indo-European mythologies fumezil backward perspective, revealing them as indigenous products with roots going back to the parent society of the Indo-Europcans. They were to have charge dmezil sacrifices and to judge between men.

Philippson’s criticism in print of Dumczil begins, however, with his review of the second edition of de Vries’s Altgermanische Religionsgeschichtc, in the Journal of English and Germanic Philology 56 The word “myths” was dropped; the focus is on the “gods. Basic Books, It is not met with anywhere in the world but in these two cases. References to individual poems of the Edda arc frequent in the text and arc not separately footnoted ex- cept for direct quotations.

Introduction xxiii dating back to the time of Germanic unity— if indeed there ever was such a time or such a common religion.

Loki by Georges Dumézil

An Indo-European Trifunctional Sacrifice? Introduction xvii European-speaking domain, 25 or that lpki far removed from that domain may not be possessed of a tripartite ideology predicated upon another or indeed similar set of structural principles. But when both wearied of that, they agreed on a peace meeting and concluded a peace, giving each other hos- tages.