File: Size of this preview: × pixels. Other resolutions: × pixels | × pixels | 1, × Determinacao de danos da cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Deois incompleta) a Brachiaria humidicola E.B. decumbens []. Silva, A.B.. Access the full text. Cigarrinhas-das-pastagens, Zulia entreriana (Berg, ) (Homoptera, Cercopidae), no norte do Estado de Minas Gerais. II. Controle de ninfas com inseticidas.

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The occurrence of high densities of D.

Cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Pasture planthopper)

Postdiapause eggs of the spittlebug resuming embryonic development pastagenx exposure to moist conditions for different periods. Moisture was provided by adding water ad libitum to the cotton underneath the filter paper. Dry-season dormancy in eggs of Deois flavopicta Homoptera: The pastqgens hatching, in this group of eggs continuously exposed to moisture, occurred after 38 d.

Effect of plant density, cutting intensisty and interval. After the dry season, postdiapause eggs remain quiescent waiting for favorable conditions to hatch Pires et al.

The proportion of these that died from the hydric stress of condition 2 was detected under condition 3. Although mortality rates varied from 4.

The termination of diapause at the beginning of the rainy season, when the frequency of rain is unpredictable, probably caused the increase of egg mortality in September. This rate of natural infertility was subtracted from all moisture-exposed treatments to better estimate the proportion of eggs starting final embryonic development Fig. Sign In or Create an Account. D h condition 1 in an environmental chamber. The mortality rate of around 9. A population study of the spittle bugs Aeneolamia occidentalis Walk.


It was verified that the levels of nymphs were reduced after the sprayings of M. Although Hewitt observed that only 8. Metadata Mostrar registro completo. In this work the efficacy the fungus of applied at in twice formulations concentrated emulsifiable oil and wettable powdertrhee doses 1,0 x, 1,5 x, 2 x viable conidias ha-1 in once for twice during the pest infested with period.

Modified and acceptance control charts allow a new approach to statistical process monitoring.

It is possible that sudden weather variation after the beginning of the rainy season may play an important role in the survivorship of first-generation nymphs and thus the size of subsequent population peaks. Consequently, there is no need to consider this movement in modeling this insect population dynamics. Nymphal mortality in cohorts of D. We observed only a constant and low rate of mortality in different years.

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At the beginning of September, when the eggs naturally enter the postdiapause or quiescence without any token stimuli Pires et al. D h until the eggs reached the final stage of embryonic development, following the description of Koller et al.


Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Environmental factors affecting spittle-bug egg survival during the dry season in central Brazil. Bars represent only the time spent in condition 3. With this procedure, it was possible to distinguish the proportion of eggs that resumed final embryonic development in response to different periods of exposure to moisture condition 1 from those that were naturally infertile.


The interplay among diapause and rainfall distribution at the beginning of the rainy season results in a variable pattern of population dynamics from year to year.

Cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Pasture planthopper) | Project Noah

The evaluations were performed at the beginning day 0and 15, 32, 45, 61 e and 75 days, being one evaluation before the applications, and five after the applications of this fungus, counting the spittlebugs nymphs per 0. No tags from this library for this title.

Migration may have a role in this dynamics except in some cases, such as outbreaks and local extinction. The proportion of postdiapause pasagens starting final embryonic development increased as a consequence of exposure to increasing periods of moisture in condition 1 Fig.

The data suggest a lack of pattern related to the geographical position of the traps.