William R. Catton, Jr., is professor of sociology at Washington State University and author of From Animistic to Naturalistic Sociology and more than seventy-five . William R. Catton Jnr. explained humanity’s overshoot situation in his book. Overshoot, The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change”. The front page. Overshoot has ratings and 30 reviews. Adam said: I’ve been Title: Overshoot Binding: Paperback Author: Catton, William R., JR. Publisher: Combined.

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It is not a light read and definitely stops one from procreating, but it is a clear, needed ananlysis. Mar 11, Zack Lehtinen rated it it was amazing. This greatly expanded the carrying capacity of the Americas for humans.

Don’t bother with Quinn’s Ishmael once you’ve read these three — it’s a rather simplistic rehash of their concepts. Re-emphasizes the point that a person living a higher standard of living uses up more of the earth’s carrying capacity for humans.

I abandoned the book halfway through. Contrasts population pressure versus population density.

This was a blind leap into the unknown. Explore the Home Gift Guide. As fossil overshoor, clean water, arable land, minerals, etc, are exhausted, we WILL experience an extremely unpleasant die-off, accompanied by a likely total collapse of our civilization. That carrying capacity surplus is gone now, eroded both by population increase and immense technological enlargement of per capita resource appetites and environmental impacts.

William R. Catton Jr.

Despite this, it offered many fascinating examples and perspectives relating to general ecology and their applications to oversoot human predicament. In addition, he has authored numerous scholarly articles, book chapters and book reviews.


Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Catton gave me a number of missing links in the exposition of such an understanding.

UI Press | William R. Catton, Jr. | Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

Return to Book Page. He expresses my own views pretty well. Those increases have come at the expense of other species, but they were for the most part stable.

He says, in human histor The title of the book “overshoot” gives me a straightforward impression that it is about the carrying capacity such as natural resources that would soon reach exhaustion. Overshoot created a state of mind that perceived high waste living as normal, and expected it continue forever.

What kind of role are human beings going to play in their own impending crash? I find myself disagreeing with this analysis — fields are a state of equilibrium if you include humans in your analysis.

William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck

Overwhoot hallucinate that withdrawals from finite nonrenewable savings overshoor incomeand that wealth can be increased by withdrawing even more nonrenewable savings. The anecdote about the reindeer on the island is worth the price of the book. Again, voershoot I agree that advertising does that, I think it’s flawed to point to that as a solution, as really the only real solution to overpopulation is to have less people It spend most of the time making the simple premise that humanity has overshot the carrying capacity of the world and will therefore soon see the end of the age of exuberance.

As the rate of oil extraction declines in the coming decades, there will be many growling tummies. So far so good?


William R. Catton Jr. – Wikipedia

Prelude to Collapse Trade is a way to overcome a local oevrshoot of a particular resource. As the rate of oil extraction declines in the coming decades, there will be many growling tummies. It asks what will happen when we need to go back to using horses to plow fields rather than using petroleum-based tractors. Feb 04, Chris Chester rated it it was amazing Shelves: Again, while I ogershoot that advertising does that, I think it’s flawed to point to that as a solution, as really the only real solution to overpopulation is to have less people.

For four centuries, much of the world experienced a ridiculously abnormal era of innovation, growth, and excess — the Age of Exuberance. But every additional person needs additional resources to sustain that additional person. Dec 11, Guy rated it liked it Shelves: I read this book initially in about orand it really affected my thinking.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Leaning on the same mindsets that freed some tl;dr Fossil fuels have enabled man to greatly exceed the carrying capacity of the Earth, but since they are finite, population crash is inevitable.